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Bathroom Renovation Tips That Can Help To Increase Your Home Value

Out of all the rooms inside the house, you’ll have to work a lot with the bathroom. After all, it is an essential part of a home. An outdated toilet will be a big turn off for your potential home buyers. Increase your house’s sale appeal by updating your bathroom fixtures and amenities.

Expect that there will be a lot of wear and tear, so you’d have to do a lot of upgrades to make it look good and functioning well. According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, the most popular improvement project in a house is the kitchen and bathroom renovations which have as high as 75% recovery rate.

Here are a few bathroom renovation tips to help increase your home’s value.

Upgrade or Change the Shower Heads

Check your shower head if it needs some changing. A simple upgrade of it can mean a whole world of difference to a bathroom. After all, there are a lot of settings included in shower heads that can improve the overall bath experience. Take, for example, a ‘rain’ setting can provide a luxurious feel.

Upgrade Your Toilet

The toilet is one of the most used parts of the bathroom. As such, it is logical to upgrade it to a Bio Bidet. It’s an inexpensive luxury that can transform any toilet. With all its features, homeowners would always want a house that has this toilet.

Add a Second Sink

Why not? With a second sink, it can save more time for a family as it helps two people get ready for the day ahead. Plus, it is not that costly contrary to what people think. It can share the drain and supply line with the other sink.

A second sink appeals to today’s homebuyers who are on the lookout for features that can help them save more time while pampering. Don’t forget to add vanity to your sink to add a touch of luxury

Go Marble or Granite

Your bathroom countertops may need a few upgrades starting with changing it to granite or marble. Granite and marble can provide lasting beauty and elegance of natural stone. Plus, it will transform your bathroom into the next level of luxurious living.

Have a Radiant In-floor Heating

Nobody wants to step out from a warm shower just to step on a cold, tiled floor. A well-heated floor will attract home buyers like bees to honey. It provides an excellent experience during the cold winter days. You can also add a heated towel rack. It’s inexpensive and can add a touch of luxury.

Improve Lighting

Place a few mirrors, light fixtures and windows to have a warm and bright feeling in your bathroom. Task lights and scones are some of the modern lightings that come in various styles and do not take up much of room’s space. Try installing them near large mirrors for a more attractive bathroom. If possible, try to also improve the air circulation and lighting inside the room by expanding or adding another window.

And that’s it! Consider renovating your bathroom with these tips and watch house buyers flock to your house for a sale.