Things That You Can Do in Rome At Night

Usually nightlife in Rome starts a bit late. You will mostly find locals go for their dinner at around 9. 30 PM or sometimes even late. Then they will have long discussion about their next plan for the night. They will decide where they should go, and where the car to be parked and finally what to be ordered etc.

Rome is a bit different from other cities, as far as the night life is concerned. Following are few activities that you may choose at night when you visit Rome.

  1. Take a Night-Tour

Going for sightseeing can be the best way to spend your night in Rome. You can visit a number of historic landmarks available in this city which are lit up during night and you can easily take a tour and cover important locations. Visit the following sites of Rome:

  • Colosseum,
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Piazza Navona,

Number of guided tours are also available which are offered by different tour companies, that you can book. There is also an option for an audio tour during evening after sunset.

  1. Go to any Concert

In Rome there are always some concert happening at some place at all times of the year. If you are fond of classical music then you can visit a concert where you can find popular artists performing. Depending upon your liking you can choose any concert.

You may try to find the schedule of following venues where usually some of the best concerts are held.

  • Atlantico
  • Auditorium Parco della-Musica
  • PalaLottomattica
  • St. Paul’s Within-the-Walls
  • Traffic Live CluThe-Monk-Club
  1. See any Football Game

In case you are fond of football game then there are 2 excellent football teams at Rome –   AS Roma and the other is SS Lazio. In Olympic games both these teams participate. There is every chance that one of these teams must be playing and you can find their schedule about the next match from the following:

  • SS Lazio Schedule
  • AS Roma Schedule
  1. Go for a Dinner Cruise

Number of companies in Rome offer a dinner-cruise while floating on the River-Tiber. This can also be a great option of seeing the city on the cruise and also have dinner.

You can check about it on the following sites.

  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • St. Peter’s Basilica,
  • The Colosseum

You may also check for dinner cruise list on the River-Tiber too.

  1. Visit an Opera

You can also visit a wonderful theatre in Rome called Teatro dell’Opera, where you can find number of operas, ballets, and few other shows every month. You can view few classical stories like Carmen, Swan Lake, Don Quixote and many more.

During summer time, this theatre also runs a few series of operas and concerts which is really a rare opportunity if you can see such show in a most historic landmark of Rome. Keep an eye on it, in case you happen to be in Rome during May to August.

  1. Visit the Colosseum

Do you know that you can really pay a visit to Colosseum after dark? There are number of companies offering night-tours to visit to this historic site. Most of the self-guided tours usually do not cover this. Ticket for this tour may be little expensive but it is worth the money.

  1. Visit the Vatican

Similarly, you can also choose to visit the Vatican-Museums at night. However, during spring and summer you can get this opportunity and also it is little difficult to get ticket for this visit. If you can get the ticket then you can visit during 7 PM to 11 PM.

  1. See a Musical

Besides Teatro dell’Opera, you can also find few other theatres too in Rome. You can go there to see plays, musicals and many other live performances. You may visit to any of these venues and find out about the program:

  • Teatro-Argentina
  • Teatro-Brancaccio
  • Teatro-della-Cometa
  • Teatro Eliseo
  • Teatro Sistina

Also visit to know more about Rome.